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Adult dance classes

Advanced social class

Held every Wednesday 06:00PM to 07:00PM | $18 per person

If you have completed our intermediate course, or are a more advanced dancer, these one-hour group dance classes improve floor craft, reinforcing steps and knowledge, giving you a greater understanding of achieving movement and partner work.

Learn the art of guiding your partner around the room and how to confidently turn a corner when you need to. Classes of one hour each week continue to build your knowledge of leads and cover the correct technical footwork to step out confidently with your dance partner.

Dances you’ll learn

We will take you through Ballroom dances including the Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, Foxtrot and also Latin American dances including the Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, and Jive, ready to take to the floor at your next social dance.

Focusing on up to four dances per class, we'll teach a more advanced series of steps, expanding on the steps covered in our dance courses.


Technique class

Held every Wednesday 07:00PM to 08:00PM | $18 per person

These weekly classes are an excellent way to build your understanding, strength and technique of the different dance genres. Learning in a team environment from our accredited teachers you are prepared for medals, recreational dancing and to enter the world of competitive DanceSport.

New Vogue class

Held every Tuesday 07:00PM to 07:45PM | $15 per person

Looking for another social class to join? This class will introduce you to the technique and choreography of the modern New Vogue dances within a group class.

Dances you’ll learn

Over the course of a year we will take you through New Vogue dances including the Barclay Blues, Carousel, Charmaine, Excelsior Schottische, Merrilyn, Evening Three Step, Gypsy Tap, La Bomba, Tangoette, Tango Terrific, Lucille Waltz, Parma Waltz, Swing Waltz, Tracie Leigh Waltz, and the Twilight Waltz.


Ballet barre class

Held every Tuesday 06:00PM to 06:45PM | $15 per person

Stretch and strengthen your body in this exercise-based class led by our experienced ballet professional.

This is a class for the absolute beginner, returning dancers, or competitive dancer who want to expand their knowledge. Ballet barre enhances leg strength, core strength, poise, and arm movement and extension. It also aids in the correct method of breath control and can be a benefit to all levels of dancers.

Learn elegant arm lines to look and feel graceful on the floor. The perfect extension to our New Vogue class.