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Things to know when planning your wedding dance

When it comes to dancing, learning the steps is easy, but knowing how to hold and lead your partner is another essential part of the dance. You want to look confident, and having lessons from a qualified teacher will help you get your grip right and not have you looking awkward on the dance floor.


When to start dance lessons

Couples are often unsure how many lessons they'll need to be confident with their dance. If this is you, take solace in knowing it's entirely normal. Most dance studios offer flexible lesson packages to accommodate a variety of needs and will work with you to schedule extra lessons and practice sessions if they're needed.

So when should you start lessons? Even if you're only learning the essential moves, we suggest allowing around three to five months for lessons in the lead up to the big day. This leaves plenty of time for practice and also allows for lessons to be booked around work and busy schedules.

While you're learning, take time to get used to the steps so you can have some fun with them (even when people are watching!). When you've finished your lessons, you should feel confident that you're ready to take to the floor and have a fun time.

Are you dressed for dancing?

If you're wearing a traditional wedding dress, remember to talk to your dressmaker about how long your dress will be at the back and whether you may need it pinned up, or if you have a wrist or finger elastic.

It is often a good idea to rehearse in clothes similar to your wedding attire. With so many styles available, every dance movement will feel different whether your dress is mermaid fitting, slimline, full skirt, long or short. This will allow your teacher to include suitable movements that suit your dress choice. This also helps your partner feel more confident knowing where their feet will be on the day.

Many brides choose a second dress to wear specifically for their bridal dance. For the men, our best advice is not to wear a suit jacket as it often rides up around the shoulders and neckline. 

Selecting a song

It is a good idea to have a talk about what you both might prefer to listen to. Remember you can always choose a slower or faster version of a song covered by another artist. Dancing to a favourite song or one that is meaningful to both of you can often make the dance memorable for an anniversary. Whether your wedding style is formal or fun casual, this can also help decide your choice of music.

Picking out shoes for the dance floor

Your feet and feel of your shoes will matter on the day, so it is best to wear your intended shoes or a similar heel height to at least two to three of your lessons. You can always wear in your real shoes at home. This will aid in you feeling comfortable and confident on the day. 

Experience Dance can offer advice and lessons if you are looking for assistance with your first dance.